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30 Day Challenge

Feel God touch your heart, just when you need it the most…
ONLY HE has the power to change your life!
God is consistently reaching out to us. But it's easy to forget to listen for His voice. What if together we were to make an intentional effort to tune out the noise of the world and focus exclusively on God?  It's a challenge to accept a new frame of mind. A challenge to accept a new lifestyle!

sayyesFor 30 days, join us as we focus on God's voice and let Him speak to you through Christian music & see how your outlook on life begins to change.  Tune out entertainment that makes it hard to focus on God. Turn off music that brings you down.

Listen for God’s voice…it’s time to add something different to your life.

A fresh start is waiting for you, through the 30 Day Challenge!   And it doesn't have to stop with you!  

Encourage your friends to join in too! smiley  C’mon, take the challenge…
See if you’re whole outlook hasn’t changed in just 30 days!

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