The Resurrection

resurrection(Up front on the left of the Altar, nearest the confessionals.)

1. Notice the angel is rapt in awe of the risen Lord.  How do you share a similar gaze at our risen Savior?  What are you in awe of? How does what you are in awe of bring you closer to God? What does God want you to be in awe of in your relationship with God? Pray for the grace of awe and wonder/fear of the Lord.  

2. Notice the angel holds the palm of victory and our Lord holds the flag of St. George, a symbol of victory over sin and evil.  How does God want you to share in Christ's victory this Easter?  What grace do you need from God in order to be victorious? What does God want you to be confident about?  Pray for the grace of fortitude.  How can you share Christ's victory with those around you? Who does God want you to hold out the palm branch to?

3. Notice the soldier, even with a sword, is cowering in fear.  What does God want you to be at peace with?  What fear does God want for you to overcome?  What help do you need to overcome your fear?  Pray for the grace to overcome your fear.  How can Jesus help you to overcome your fears?  What teaching of Jesus, what story from the Bible from Jesus' life, death and resurrection can help you overcome your fear?


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