The Cure of the Blind Man

blindman(Located front right behind the organ.)

1. Notice how Jesus is looking at the blind man.  What does it mean for you that Jesus looks in this compassionate and caring way?  Do you see Jesus looking at you with compassion and care?  When has Jesus looked at you in such a way?  To whom does Jesus want you to look at with compassion?  Why is it so important to look with care and compassion to another?

2. Notice Jesus reaching out to the blind man with one hand to bless and supporting the man's hand with his other.  What does it mean for you that Jesus reaches out to heal, while supporting you and lifting you up at the same time?  Why is it important that Jesus has the laying on of hands as part of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick? How has Jesus personally reached out to you?  Who is God asking you to reach out to? And take by the hand?

3. Notice the blind man's hands raised up - surrendering to Jesus.  How does this surrendering to Jesus require Faith, Hope and Love?  The man drops his crutch/guiding stick so as to give all to Jesus.  What crutch is Jesus asking you to let go of and trust Jesus more?  What is God asking for you to surrender to God?  How do you need to call upon the gift of Faith to surrender more to Jesus?  How do you need to call upon the gift of Hope the surrender more to Jesus? The gift of Love?   

4. Notice the face of the blind man. As his eyes are opening is he feeling fear, excitement or something else? What are the emotions you may experience when God helps remove a burden or helps you make a change in your life?

5. Notice the companion looking at the blind man, not Jesus, so as to be a witness of the miracle occurring.  What miracles of Jesus, in the Gospels, affect you and why?  What miracles have you witnessed and how have they affected you?  What does God want you to witness this Lent?  How is God drawing your attention?  How are you called to witness to your Faith at St. Denis, at home, at work, with family/friends?


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