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The Role of Parents in Preparation for the Sacraments

As a parent, you are an important contributor to your child’s experience in celebrating the Sacraments.  By your own
faith, you teach your child the beauty and value of Catholic belief and practice.

Children receive their Catholic identity first and foremost from their parents.  Your example of participation in Sunday Mass, in the life of the parish community, and your own life of prayer and service is a strong foundation for your child’s preparation for the Sacraments.

We invite you to participate in the different activities we offer in the Religious Program as we prepare your child to
receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion..  

The St. Denis Religious Education Program coordinates Sacramental preparation for First Holy Communion celebrations.  
Parents of children in 2nd grade should receive notification of important dates and meetings in September at the beginning of the religious school year.

If you are a parent of a child in second grade and have not received this information, please contact the Religious Ed. Office. Children must be enrolled in the parish Religious Education program and begin preparation for this Sacrament in first grade.


Tuesday / Wednesday Class
FINAL PRACTICE Friday April 20th 4:30 - 6:00pm
FIRST HOLY COMMUNION Saturday April 21st 11:00am Mass – (be in hall by 10:15am)

Monday Class
FINAL PRACTICE Friday April 27th 4:30 - 6:00pm
FIRST HOLY COMMUNION Saturday April 28th 11:00am Mass – (be in hall by 10:15am)


  • MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD FASTS for 1 HOUR BEFORE COMING TO CHURCH & RECEIVING JESUS and anyone else wanting to receive Holy Communion!
  • On your way into Church, please be sure your child uses the bathroom facilities BEFORE coming down to the hall.
  • All children are to be READY & in the St. Denis Church Hall (basement of the Church) by 10:15am. (NO GLOVES or POCKETBOOKS DURING CEREMONY)
  • Parent(s) then proceed upstairs to Church. (you may sit wherever you like)
  • Children will then line up for the procession into Mass.
  • After Communion Mass, they will exit the church and stand on the front steps of the Church for our group picture. They will then proceed back down to the Church Hall as a group to receive their CERTIFICATES & GIFT for FIRST HOLY COMMUNION. They may then leave to have more pictures taken & celebrate with family & friends.

Many thanks to all of you for helping to make this an especially Blessed day!